Appraisal Process

Georgia Law requires that all tangible personal property be appraised annually at its fair market value.

The Jackson County Assessors Office Staff utilizes a computer assisted appraisal system to store data and calculate mobile home, marine, aircraft and business personal property values for assessment purposes. The system is capable of processing cost data and producing appraised values.

Real Estate

Each parcel of real estate is assigned an identification number, which is used throughout the valuation process. That parcel number is included on any property record, notice or tax bill pertaining to the valuation of a specific property.

Land and structure characteristics (size, quality, type, use, location, etc.), as well as market information (sales, etc.) are collected, stored and compiled in the CAMA system.

Using market data, the system calculates a replacement cost for each major structure based on the characteristics stored, subtracts accrued depreciation and adds miscellaneous improvement and land to arrive at an appraised value.