Disposal Fees

Bagged Household Garbage (32-Gallon or Less)

Number of Bags
1 Bag $1
2 Bags $2
3 Bags $3
4-5 Bags
In an effort to make things as fair as possible
we are now weighing almost every load with
more than 2 or 3 bags.

Individual Item Disposal

Item Removed
White Goods (i.e. refrigerators, dryers)
$4 per item
Furniture (i.e. couches, mattresses)
$4 per item
Paint $2 per gallon
Passenger Tires
$4 each    ***
Tractor Trailer Tires and Racing Slicks
$7 each    ***
Scale Loads $51.50 per ton prorated

***Attention Customers***

Due to an increase in the cost of processing and disposing of scrap tires we must increase our price for accepting them. Effective May 01, 2021, the price of tires will increase as follows:

Passenger tires will increase from $4.00 per tire to $6.00 per tire.

Tractor trailer tires and racing slicks will increase from $7.00 to $10.00 per tire.

We appreciate your continued cooperation.

Payment Methods

We accept cash, checks, debit & credit cards ($5 minimum), and pre-approved charge accounts at the transfer station only. To set up a charge account, ask the transfer station attendant for an application, or download here:
Note: The compactor sites charge the same fees as the transfer station and only accept bagged household garbage, furniture, and appliances.  The compactor sites only accept cash or checks.