Available Maps

Online Mapping Services

  • QPublic Service: This map service is hosted by Qpublic and provides access to parcel & property assessment information as well as sales. This service can be accessed by a desktop  computer as well as mobile devices. The mapping component is generally updated every day at 6pm.
  • ArcGIS Online Voyager Map: This is an online service hosted by ESRI. This online map is designed to provide the basic mapping services most people need such as parcels, roads, addressing, and city limits. Unincorporated  County Zoning is also here but is only updated around once a month or so. It is updated usually once a week on Friday mornings. If you need official verification of zoning be sure to contact Planning & Zoning at 706-367-5908. 
  • ArcGIS Voting Districts Map: This is a web app to assist Jackson County Georgia staff and citizens to see all the different political/voting combinations based on where they live by parcel or address. If you have any questions about elections or voting call contact the Elections & Registration department at 706-367-6377.
  • ArcGIS School Finder Map: Jackson County has three different school systems which makes it very confusing to see not only what system you are in, but also what school district, too. This service was designed to help you figure out what school district and system you are in. It is only updated when changes happen to the districts.

Static Maps

These maps are for informational purposes only and should not be used to settle any legal disputes or used in place of any proper legal surveys or documentation. They are PDF maps that are static and exported on different days.