Some of the Agency's responsibilities include:
  1. Maintain a workable Local Emergency Operations Plan
  2. Encourage and facilitate interagency cooperation and coordination of various local first responders and their departments, i.e. Volunteers, Fire, Ems, Law enforcement, state agencies, federal agencies, private organizations and any other department or organizations that would have a role in any major emergency situation.
  3. Maintain and staff an effective Emergency Operations Center (EOC) to assist in coordinating response activities, allocating resources and facilitate recovery efforts where Agency / Department Heads will work together in a unified structure to respond and or mitigate an emergency or disaster.
  4. Disseminate emergency warning information to the public, governmental agencies, and industries by using warning sirens, weather radios and other emergency notification systems. We are recognized as a Stormready community by the National Weather Service and have the support of a Skywarn Team and an Amateur Radio Emergency Services Team (A.R.E.S.)
  5. Actively promote school, government and citizen disaster preparedness and self sufficiency through public education programs such as Ready Georgia., Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), American Red Cross and other programs.
  6. If needed, respond to emergency and/or disaster incidents to assist first response agencies with incident coordination, provide auxiliary communication, obtain outside resources and help in the transition from response to recovery activities.
  7. Assist with obtaining training programs such as Incident Command required classes for local governments and all public safety personnel and also schedule Training Activates and classes at the Jackson Fire Training Center.
  8. Homeland Security aspect, Conduct threat assessments throughout the county, research intelligence information, and coordinate activities with local Sheriff's office, Police Departments, State Agencies and Federal Agencies
  9. Coordinate with the American Red Cross for emergency shelter locations and Mass care during an emergency or major disaster.
  10. Conducts damage assessments that may result in a disaster declaration that can provide assistance to individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations and local governments.
  11. Maintain records and report compliance for all agencies and Departments (City and County) in Jackson County for the National Incident Management System training as required by Ga. and Federal Law.