Paramedics Begin Using Laptop Computers

In an effort to further streamline EMS operations and maintain compliance with the state, Paramedics recently began utilizing laptop computers to complete their trip reports. Beginning January 1, 2011, The Georgia Office of EMS is requiring all EMS services in the state to begin submitting patient care reports and other call related information to them electronically. By submitting this information to the state, specific call data can more easily be compiled to reflect specific information being sought by the state or the individual agencies related to calls, patient demographics and potential epidemics.

Decreasing Report Completion Time

Utilizing Sansio© Software from Health EMS, Paramedic are now able to complete their trip reports on the way to the emergency room following treatment being provided to the patient. Once the patient is transferred to awaiting staff, required signatures are obtained as well as pertinent patient information, and the crew returns to the county. As the crew is returning, the trip report is completed and then faxed through the laptop computer back to the receiving facility. This decreases the time that the ambulances are out of the county and unable to respond to calls.

Another important feature of Sansio© is decreased billing times. Once reports are completed in the computer, the shift supervisor reviews the report for accuracy and submits the report for billing. Our contracted billing company; AMB billing, has access to the billing feature of Sansio© which will allow calls to be billed in less than 48 hours which will improve collections and speed of payments.

Fully Trained

Four department employees traveled to Minnesota and received three days of training on how to program Sansio© to be correctly utilized by EMS employees in the field. Once the programming was completed, all EMS employees received training on the use of Sansio© while preparing for its implementation. To keep the laptops secure and employees safe while riding in the cab of the ambulance, mounts were installed in each of the departments six front line units and in two spare units. The laptops and mounts were purchased with a grant the department received from the state.