Intraosseous Drills

Jackson EMS Adds Intraosseous Drills

In February 2006, Jackson County EMS began carrying EZ-IO Intraosseous Drills, a device used to administer IV fluids and medications to patients where traditional intravenous methods are unsuccessful. Typically, EMTs and Paramedics start IV's in the patients hands, arms, feet, and sometimes in the neck. When these sites are unavailable, EMTs and Paramedics are able to use an intraosseous device that allows the administration of IV fluids and medications that is similar to that of a typical IV.

How it Works

When indicated, an EMT or Paramedic will use a special needle attached to a handheld drill. The needle is inserted into the patients leg or upper arm and then the drill is activated and the needle is pushed into the bone. Once in the correct position, fluid and medications can be given to the patient allowing the EMT or Paramedic to provide the necessary care. Previously, if personnel were unable to use the traditional method of IV access, patients often would be transported without an IV, which could prove detrimental to the patient's outcome.

Devices such as this allow EMTs and Paramedics to properly care for the sick and injured regardless of the circumstance. It is our goal to properly care for our patients and it is devices like this that allow personnel to provide the care that some require.
EZ-IO G3 Case
Intraosseous Drills