What hospitals do you take patients to?
Our service has a policy that we will transport patients to the facility of their choice providing the hospital chosen is within reasonable distance to the patient’s location and is capable of meeting the patient’s immediate needs. We transport patients to:
- Northridge Medical Center in Commerce
- Athens Regional Medical Center and Saint Mary's Hospital in Athens
- Northeast Georgia Medical Center in Gainesville
- Northeast Georgia Medical Center-Braselton in Braselton
- Northeast Georgia Medical Center-Barrow in Winder
- Gwinnett Medical Center in Lawrenceville
If the patient does not, cannot, or will not express a choice of hospitals, Paramedics shall transport the patient to the nearest hospital believed capable of meeting the patient’s immediate medical needs without regard to other factors, e.g. patient’s ability to pay, hospital charges, county, or city limits, etc. Appropriate patient care is the direct goal of Jackson County EMS. Often, Paramedics will encourage patients and their families to be transported directly to a facility that is capable of addressing their medical needs.

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