Alcohol Licenses

Notice to Public

To sell alcoholic beverages in the unincorporated part of Jackson County you will need to obtain an Alcohol License.  In order to do so, you must: 

  1. Fill out the Alcohol License application online at Jackson County’s Citizen Self Service (CSS) portal here: Please remember that your username is not your email address.  Also, CSS has shown to function better in Google Chrome . 
  2. Complete the SAVE Affidavit for eligibility to obtain an Alcohol License. 
  3. Complete the E-verify Affidavit for either exempt or non-exempt employers required by the State of Georgia.
    • The two affidavits will need to be notarized, scanned and uploaded to the online application.

Jackson County Alcohol Ordinance (PDF)

GAPS Background Check Process

E-Verify Exempt Affidavit for Private Employer (PDF)

E-Verify Affidavit for Private Employer (PDF)

SAVE Affidavit for Eligibility of Certificate (PDF)


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