Specialty Court

The Piedmont Judicial Circuit Specialty Courts consists of Banks, Barrow, and Jackson Counties and under the supervision of Superior Court, They are composed of four courts in Jackson County-- Felony Drug Court, Veterans Treatment Court, Family Treatment Court, and Wellness Court (mental health court). The mission of the Piedmont Circuit Specialty Courts is to reduce recidivism while improving the quality of life for the offender, their family and the community at large by providing supervision, treatment and positive reinforcement through a structured cost-effective program. It is the goal of the Piedmont Judicial Circuit Specialty Courts to facilitate interagency collaboration by utilizing a multi-disciplinary team approach to ensure the safety of the community.

The goals of all courts are to:

* Reduce recidivism through structured cost-effective, evidence-based programming:

* Reduce alcohol and illicit substance use in the community:

* Encourage participants to comply with program requirements:

* Ensure that participants comply and engage in evidence-based treatment:

* Supervise restitution compensation to applicable victims and/or the community at large.

The Drug Court provides a non-traditional approach to working with criminal offenders by offering a judicially supervised intensive outpatient substance use disorder treatment program instead of incarceration. The Wellness Court provides an alternative to incarceration by working with offenders and having them follow a closely monitored personalized treatment plan for their mental health that may also be accompanied by substance use disorder. The Veterans Court offers a sentencing alternative for defendants who are veterans of the armed forces of the United States or the State's National Guard and assess a need for substance use disorder and/or mental health treatment.

The Family Treatment Court (FTC) of the Piedmont Circuit Specialty Courts receives referrals from Banks, Barrow and Jackson Counties. FTC provides an alternative for the disposition of dependency cases and for assisting Superior Courts with criminal cases referred to such divisions under Code Section 15-11-15. In addition to the PJCSC shared goals, the purpose of FTC is to improve permanency outcomes for families when dependency is based in part on substance use and/or mental health needs and increase accountability of respondents in dependency proceedings. 


  1. Specialty Court

    Physical Address
    5000 Jackson Pkwy
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    Jefferson, GA 30549

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    Jefferson, GA 30549

    Fax: 706-367-6403

  2. Richard Bosten

    Asst. Director & Coordinator - Drug/Mental Health Court Program

  3. Michaela Smith

    Veterans Court Coordinator - Veterans Court Treatment Program

  4. Cheryl Pittman

    Family Treatment Coordinator Barrow County Family Treatment Court Program