Jail Visitation Rules

Statement of Policy

It shall be the policy of the Jackson County Jail to encourage inmates to maintain open communication with their families and friends through regular visitation. Visitation is scheduled to allow access at a minimum of once per week, and a maximum of 3 visits in a 7 day period limited only by staff availability and visitation facilities availability in the Jackson County Jail.
  1. Definitions

    Understand the various definitions used in this policy.

  2. Discussion

    Detention facilities are often seen as an intimidating and confusing environment to members of the visiting public.

  3. Emergency Conditions

    Visitation may be postponed or delayed until the emergency condition is safely resolved.

  4. General Procedures

    Review information related to visitor registration and reception.

  5. Other Visitors

    Understand the other types of visitors and the guidelines for these situations.

  6. Special Visits

    Occasionally, it may be necessary for an inmate to be allowed special visitation that does not occur during the normal scheduled time frames.

  7. Suspension of Visitation

    Inmates that are under formal disciplinary proceedings may be denied visitation until such restrictions have been terminated.

  8. Visitation Procedures

    Read the specific guidelines that must be followed during visitation.