Jail Division

The Jackson County Sheriff's Office

Serving & Protecting All of Jackson County

Captain Kelley Patterson and the Jackson County Sheriff's Office Jail Division is responsible for housing inmates in accordance with State law while maintaining a safe environment for both inmate and staff. The Jail currently houses an average of 150 inmates daily, which consist of Pretrial, State, and County sentenced inmates, both male and female.
  1. Inmate Bonding Procedure

    Understand the procedures used for bonding an arrested person out of the Jackson County Jail.

  2. Inmate Information

    View information about currently jailed inmates.

  3. Jail Visitation Rules

    It shall be the policy of the Jackson County Jail to encourage inmates to maintain open communication with their families and friends through regular visitation.

  4. Jail Visitation Schedule

    Inmates that are assigned to permanent housing units, with the exception of inmates that are under disciplinary restrictions, will be entitled to regular visitation.