1. Administration

    Under the direct supervision of Captain Steve Smith, the Administrative Section is responsible for all support services for the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

  2. Court / Civil Division

    Civil / Court Services Division of the Jackson County Sheriff's Office is responsible for all civil processes. This includes suit on account's, divorce, subpoenas and all other civil processes.

  3. Criminal Investigation Division

    Captain Dale Dillow heads the Criminal Investigation Division of the Jackson County Sheriff's Office which is responsible for Investigation of All Crimes that occur in Jackson County.

  4. Jail Division

    Captain Kelley Patterson and the Jackson County Sheriff's Office Jail Division is responsible for housing inmates in accordance with State law while maintaining a safe environment for both inmate and staff.

  5. Special Operations Division

    Captain Thomas and the Special Operations Division consist of the Jackson County School Resource Officer Unit, and the Warrants Unit.

  6. Uniform Patrol Division

    Captain Jim Askey and the Uniform Patrol Division are the face of the Jackson County Sheriff's Office, as deputies generally are the first contact citizen's have with the agency.