Spring Recycling Event

Keep Jackson County Beautiful's Spring Recycling Event
Saturday, April 22, 2017
8 a.m.-noon

Electronics Waste: computers, printers, monitors, mice scanners, fax, etc.
Televisions and Canthode Ray Tube (CRT) (old desktop type computers) are $20 each to recycle - money will be handed to Atlanta Recycling Solutions employee - KJCB does not receive this money

Printer Cartridges

Document Shredding: no more than 2 copy paper sized boxes

Latex Paint: 5 free gallons, additional gallons, $2 each, $1 per quart and $1 per pint

Auto Oil

Auto Batteries

Household Batteries

Florescent Light Bulbs
(6 free, $2 each additional)

Books and Magazines:  When appropriate, we take these items to the Jackson County Senior Center

Good Used Clothing: We do not give receipts

Used Eyeglasses, aluminum cans: goes to Commerce Lions Club in Spring, Jefferson Lions Club in Fall

Drug Take Back Program: A Jackson County Deputy will be on hand to accept the drugs. The deputy will not take sharps or liquids. (Please click on Drug Disposal page for information on how to safely dispose of drugs when KJCB's Recycling Day is not an option. 

Small metals: We ask that you take these items to the Jackson County Transfer Station

Tires: The Transfer Station will also take 4 Tires free per vehicle, this day only. Additional tires will be $3 per auto tire and $6 per truck tire.  
Our location is next to the Jackson County Transfer Station/Landfill. GPS address: 12 Hendrix Drive, Jefferson. 

For more information please call (706) 708-7198 or email strepagnier@jacksoncountygov.com

Our Fall Event will be held September 23, 2017

Thanks to our vendors, American Security Shredding, Atlanta Recycling Solutions, New Vision Group.