Funding the Historic Courthouse Restoration

The Committee is dedicated to keeping the cost of events to the absolute minimum in order to assure that funds collected and donated to the restoration process are truly used for this purpose. To that end, the Committee welcomes individuals and/or businesses to sponsor any of the fund raising activities.

The Jackson County Board of Commissioners has demonstrated their support for this important effort by granting $2 million in bond monies to the project and matching dollars for grants. Completing the second floor restoration will require the Committee to raise any additional funds. This will be accomplished through grants, donations by individuals, civic organizations, and businesses and/or fund raising events.


The committee welcomes individual and/or businesses to sponsor any of the fund raising activities.

Tax deductible donations can be made to:
Jackson County Historic Courthouse Restoration Fund
67 Athens Street
Jefferson, GA 30549

All donations will be recorded so that appropriate recognition can be accomplished at the end of the project.

Items for Sale

The following items are available in the Welcome Center for sale to raise money for the restoration project:
  • Historic Courthouse Tee Shirts - $10 each
  • Book - Super CCC, Great Depression to World War II by Carol M. Holzhalb - $10 each
  • Historical Booklets ($25 each - pre-order only) by Jacquelyn H. Wilkes on:
    • 1) James Jackson
    • 2) Pittman Family History
    • 3) John A. Darsey
  • Quilt square of Historic Courthouse - $5 each