Disposal Fees

Bagged Household Garbage (32-Gallon or Less)

Number of Bags
1 Bag $1
2 Bags $2
3 Bags $3
4-5 Bags
6-10 Bags
11-15 Bags
16-20 Bags $10

Individual Item Disposal

Item Removed
White Goods (i.e. refrigerators, dryers)
$4 per item
Furniture (i.e. couches, mattresses)
$4 per item
Paint $2 per gallon
Passenger Tires
$3 each **
Tractor Trailer Tires and Racing Slicks
$6 each **
Scale Loads
$45 per ton / prorated
Scale Loads minimum charge: $12 

** Effective January 02, 2018, tire prices will increase by $1 per tire.  Passenger tires will be $4 each and tractor trailer tires and racing slicks will be $7 each.

Payment Methods

We do not accept credit or debit cards at this time. We accept cash, checks and pre-approved charge accounts. To set up a charge account, ask the transfer station attendant for an application, or download here:
Note: The compactor sites charge the same fees as the transfer station and only accept bagged household garbage, furniture, and appliances.