Adult Guardianships

  • Removes a person’s right to make decisions for their own person and/or property.
  • Two types:  Guardianship (of the person) and Conservatorship (of the property).
  • May be filed by anyone knowledgeable about and interested in the welfare of the proposed ward.
  • Must be filed in the county where the proposed ward resides or is found.
  • Lengthy, involved process requiring the evaluation of a proposed ward by a doctor and the court appointment of an attorney for the proposed ward.
  • Nominated guardians and/or conservators must submit to a criminal background check.
  • Appointed conservators will be required to post a surety bond.
  • Adult Guardianship Forms to Download

For Guardians/Conservators:

  • Mandatory video on adult guardianship/conservatorship, please click for either English or Spanish.

Filing fees are due at the time of filing. No exceptions. We will not file-stamp originals or copies without payment.  

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