1. Code of Ordinances

    Browse the Jackson County Code of Ordinances.

  2. Community News

    Keep up-to-date with Jackson County current news and announcements.

  3. County History

    Read through a brief history of Jackson County.

  4. Hospitals

    The only hospital located in Jackson County is the Northridge Medical Center in Commerce.

  5. Libraries

    Get information about Jackson County area libraries.

  6. Local Governments

    Jackson County has 9 different municipalities. Access contact information for them.

  7. Local Media

    Jackson County has two local companies that publish newspapers in Jackson County.

  8. Municipalities

    Access the municipalities websites of Jackson County.

  9. Parks & Facilities

    Get details about Jackson County Parks and Recreation.

  10. Registration

    Find information for driver's license registration, automobile registration, and voter's registration.

  11. Sanitation / Trash Services

    Municipalities generally provide or contract out the sanitation services within their city limits.

  12. Schools

    There are 3 different school systems in Jackson County.

  13. Utilities

    Find utilities information for the different provided utilities in Jackson County.

  14. Visitors

    Explore things to do and other information for visitors coming to Jackson County.