Facilities Maintenance 

Mission Statement

The Jackson County Facilities Maintenance Department is dedicated to providing a diverse range of efficient and high quality services which will ensure uninterrupted facility utilization with an atmosphere of professionalism to all county employees and public citizens.

Here at the Jackson County Facilities Maintenance Department we have a dedicated team of technicians who:
  •  Provide HVAC, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, painting and preventative maintenance for over 50 county owned buildings.
  •  Provide construction management services for new buildings.
  •  Provide new construction and remodeling services on smaller projects.
  •  Provide custodial services for several facilities throughout the county.
  •  Provide assistance to the Board of Elections and Registration by delivering voting machines to county polling places for all county, state, and national elections.
  • Provide support during inclement weather situations.



For emergencies that occur after normal business hours, please call 706-367-1911. 

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