Departments F-O

  1. Facilities Maintenance

    The Jackson County Facilities Maintenance Department is dedicated to providing a diverse range of efficient and high quality services which will insure uninterrupted facility utilization while providing an atmosphere of professionalism to all county employees and public citizens.

  2. Finance

    The Finance Department is responsible for collecting, processing, advising, informing, monitoring, analyzing, coordinating, and reporting financial information and management data to ensure the effective and economical use of public resources.

  3. Fleet Maintenance

    The Fleet Maintenance Shop strives to provide innovative, progressive, and quality services to the people of Jackson County.

  4. GIS

    A geographic information system (GIS) is a computer-based tool for mapping and analyzing things that exist and happen on the surface of the Earth.

  5. Health

    Get information about the Health Department and Environmental Health Services.

  6. Historic Courthouse

  7. Human Resources

    The Human Resources department strives to provide high quality programs and services to our valued personnel in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

  8. Information Technology

    The Jackson County Information Technology Department provides technical support for all Jackson County departments.

  9. Juvenile Court

    The Juvenile Court of Jackson County is one of the Juvenile Courts of the Piedmont Judicial Circuit.

  10. Keep Jackson County Beautiful

    Keep Jackson County Beautiful is a department of the Jackson County Government, concerned with the environment, waste reduction and recycling, beautification of the county, litter reduction and a safer and cleaner environment for the well being of the Jackson County citizenry.

  11. Magistrate Court

    Magistrate Courts are the successors to the justice courts and a wide variety of other courts of limited jurisdiction.

  12. Mental Health

    Explore information about mental health services in Jackson County.

  13. Occupational Tax Certificates (Business Licenses)

    To own and operate a business in the unincorporated part of Jackson County you will need to obtain an Occupational Tax Certificate (Business License) for any type of business that you will be operating according to Jackson County Unified Development Code.